Experts training experts is what we do. We believe hands on experience is necessary to train experts. That is why our trainers are not just trainers, they are software engineers first.

Training your team made easy.

We only provide training in products and skills that we like and that we work with ourselves. Therefore we can add that spark of enthusiasm to every training we give. Of course just being a subject expert does not make someone a good trainer. Our trainers are also well trained in training methodology and educational psychology.

Our training approach is humble and down to earth. Instead of spotlighting the trainers ability we identify the skills and knowledge our students already have and work with that. Our trainers build on that existing knowledge and coach students to the best possible result.

Red and Bundle offers several open courses in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and other related software like ForNAV.

Besides training we also offer one on one or team coaching.

“When people think you’re trying to influence them, they put their guard up. But when they feel you’re trying to help them, or to muse your way to the right answer, or to be honest about your own imperfections, they open up to you. They hear what you have to say”, Susan Cain.

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