Do you need some help to get started with Reports ForNAV? Or do you want to broaden your knowledge? Whatever your training needs are, we are here to help you.

Impress your customers with great looking Business Central reports that have the information they want, that look the way they want. Delivered on time, on budget, every single time.

No Code

Are you fed up with waiting for developer availability to make small changes to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central reports?

In two three hour online training sessions we will teach you everything you need to know to modify and create Business Central reports with Reports ForNAV.


Do you want to do more with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central reports? Are you frustrated by the tools at your disposal?

If you are not afraid of code, we will take you as deep as you dare to go. Learn everything there is to know about adding reports to your Business Central extensions, the ForNAV API, and the scripting you can do in your report layouts.

In Company

Do you need to train several consultants and developers in Reports ForNAV? We can provide in company training tailored to suit your unique situation.

We offer training both on premise and online. Please get in touch to inquire about rates and availability.

René from Red and Bundle has provides us a workshop for developing reports with ForNAV from a technical perspective. While the ForNAV product was not new for us, we we’re surprised how much we didn’t know and also how we could simplify things. The development of the ForNAV product is astonishing, where you need to invest to keep your knowledge up-to-date. Also we’ve discovered the ‘Multiple Report Layout Selector’ App from Red and Bundle, which gives us the possibility to cover even more use cases with the ForNAV solution.

Arthur van de Vondervoort, Van Roey, Belgium

The ForNAV Developer training from Red & Bundle is really great. It gave me a deep insight in how ForNAV works and how I can develop complex reports fast. During the training, we saw how to use the many possibilities in ForNAV. The trainer, René Brummel, was really good and easy to understand. He knows what he is talking about. After the training we got a recording of the training and a large collection of code examples and other useful materials. I can highly recommend this training for any ForNAV developers.

Morten Steengaard, Montes, Denmark

Creating a report for an accounting system can be a hassle. You might want to try out several designs before you settle on one that might suit your current business needs. Standard reports may not be suitable. Item Tracking, Foreign Currencies, Customer- and Supplier-specific part nos. are just some of the special needs that standard reports often fail to address. If you are dependent on external resources, making changes to accommodate these can be costly and it can take weeks or months before a report is ready.

Red and Bundle has opened up a new world to us. Instead of waiting weeks or months for a simple design change or a new report layout, we can now do this ourselves on the fly. René has been an exceptional resource. He helped us set up ForNAV in an online session that took less than an hour. The Red & Bundle Workshops and Coffee Break Sessions have taught us new techniques and given us valuable insight into Business Central. René is a good listener with a deep knowledge and understanding of Navision. We can highly recommend him and his company.

Brian J Brown, The Junction AS, Norway