Change seems to be a problem that nearly every organization I know wrestles with these days. That all important question seems to be “how do I get my people to change”?

This is a question that gets asked on a couple of levels. Software vendors want their partners and customers to adopt the latest technology. Their partners want their developers and consultants to start using the latest development tools and cloud offerings. Customers want their users to use the latest technology and newest processes.

“People don’t resist change. They resist being changed.” Peter Senge

So, how do I propose to help you deal with change? By not forcing change. By listening to people who resist. Because ultimately we are all afraid of change.

This realization fuels my compassion. So when faced with the next angry or fearful user or fellow developer I am able to listen and understand. And this understanding will bridge that gap between a failed and a successful project.

“When people think you’re trying to influence them, they put their guard up. But when they feel you’re trying to help them, or to muse your way to the right answer, or to be honest about your own imperfections, they open up to you. They hear what you have to say”, Susan Cain.

More on how I propose to deal with change in this blogpost.