Technology, software in my case, is a tool. The purpose of that tool should be to connect people and to automate tasks for them. Wherever software is used life should get easier and more enjoyable. Wherever software is not making life easier and more enjoyable is where I can and will make a difference.

When it comes to software my main focus is Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Whenever I customize Dynamics NAV my goal is to stick to the standard as closely as possible. To use minor tweaks to get maximum usability is my main goal.

My secondary focus is integration. To integrate Dynamics NAV in your entire application landscape and to streamline processes that do not contain themselves to a single application.
Here also my aim is to use the smallest possible tweaks to get maximum usability.

In anything I do my aim is to use the most modern tools at my disposal. Those can be extensions for Dynamics NAV, tailormade API’s, cloud functions, AI or machine learning.

In a nutshell, what I do is using technology to make life for you and all your stakeholders easier and more enjoyable. I am an engineer at heart but my attention is with the people that use technology.