So, it’s software that you do right?

Well, yes, I do develop software. And I enjoy doing so but what I enjoy most is helping businesses improve their business. The keywords here being helping and improve.

My aim is always quality and whatever I do must improve the quality of life for the people I work with. I believe that the businesses and people I work with are on a journey with me and I want to make that the coolest and most enjoyable journey possible.

So how can I help to make your life better? There are three ways.

The first is the engineering part. To customize and improve software to better fit your business and to be easier to use for all stakeholders.

The second is the business part. To help you streamline your business processes to best use the improvements in technology.

The third is the people part. To create a harmony within your organization, it’s people and the technology they use. In my view this is the part that gets vague very quickly. We all heard stories of budget burning change management, motivational, inspirational and other forms of never working but very expensive projects. My approach is much like myself. Down to earth, no nonsense, and humble.

Deeply integrated in my work are my core values:

Quality, to be better each day and to improve with every breath.
Sustainable change comes from conscious choice, made out of free will.
To embrace learning and to never assume I have all the answers.