Dutch Dynamics Community presentation

It seems fitting that my first blogpost is about my first Extension.

I gave a talk about the Data Exchange Framework in Dynamics NAV on the 10th of january 2018. The focus of this talk was a business case from my employer, The Learning Network.

I would like to share my slides, the setup and the extension I developed during this presentation. The slides are in Dutch. The important bits are the images. Should you want a translation please ask.

The basic premise of my extension is that whenever a record is inserted into one of the transitory tables of the Data Exchange Frameork something can be done with the events that the insert generates. In my case I use a simple table extension on the OnAfterInsert trigger of table 1214, the Intermediate Data Import, and use that event to add records for data that the Data Exchange Framework needs to create purchase documents.

The presentation: Presentatie

The extension is on GitHub

The setup for the Data Exchange Framework is here: Setup and sample xml

More about the Dutch Dynamics Community

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My driving force is the will to learn. Every day brings its unique challenges, my goal is to rise to each challenge and learn from it. My professional expertise is the streamlining and optimization of business processes. My experience ranges from software development (I know AL, C/AL, C#, .NET, JavaScript, ReactJS etc) and implementation to business processes optimization, project management, training, and coaching. At the heart of what I do lies my vision, “sustainable change comes from conscious choice, made out of free will”.

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